Seko 3 Pump OPL Dosing Unit Installation

Actichem were pleased to complete an installation of two Seko 3 pump OPL dosing units into a care homes laundry, these units from Seko are easy to install and program.


This particular customer likes there Seko units programmed in chemical enable mode which allows the following options :-


  • Destainer on or Off
  • Softener on or off
  • High / Medium / Low detergent setting

Once in use these units give a measured dose per cycle, helping the home save costs on manual over dosing and eliminating risks with minimum handling of chemicals

Actichem recommend these units should be serviced on a 6 monthly basis allowing the customer optimum results.

Actichem are able to offer PPM visits (Planned Preventive maintenance Calls).

For further information on how we can help your laundry dosing need please get in touch

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