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Brightwell Ecomix Dispenser

Today one off Actichem’s installations was installing two off Brightwells Ecomix dispensers, these are relatively easy to install and work best on cold water.

They offer measured dose off chemical automatically mixed with water making the end user experience relatively easy.

There are two versions of these dispensers available – high flow for bucket fill and low flow for bottle fill

Brightwell provide a piece to join the dispensers which makes the install nice and easy to complete as the picture shows below.

As part of the installation Actichem will provide the hose and any additional plumbing pieces required (subject to survey).

If you require a dispenser installation then please do not hesitate to contact us

Tel : 07825 300266

email : info@actichemltd.co.uk








Seko DR30 Dosing unit installation

Actichem are pleased to show a recent Seko DR30 installation onto a hotels kitchen industrial dishwasher, these dosing units are reliable and with some very useful programming options.

In this particular instance this Seko DR30 was installed onto an Electrolux dishwasher (please see Electrolux dosing unit blog for wiring diagram).  We programmed the unit onto timed mode giving an initial charge off detergent when the unit is first turned on to delivering a timed dose of detergent and rinse aid every time the DR30 receives its top up signal.

As standard with Actichems dosing unit installations new conduit, wiring and tubing were fitted along with the DR30.

The dosing unit was pumps were primed and the dishwasher was put on several cycles to test for leaks for the detergent fitting and rinse fitting (one way valve).




Seko 3 Pump OPL Dosing Unit Installation

Actichem were pleased to complete an installation of two Seko 3 pump OPL dosing units into a care homes laundry, these units from Seko are easy to install and program.


This particular customer likes there Seko units programmed in chemical enable mode which allows the following options :-


  • Destainer on or Off
  • Softener on or off
  • High / Medium / Low detergent setting

Once in use these units give a measured dose per cycle, helping the home save costs on manual over dosing and eliminating risks with minimum handling of chemicals

Actichem recommend these units should be serviced on a 6 monthly basis allowing the customer optimum results.

Actichem are able to offer PPM visits (Planned Preventive maintenance Calls).

For further information on how we can help your laundry dosing need please get in touch

Tel 07825 300266

email : info@actichemltd.co.uk










PPMs Preventive Maintenance Calls

Actichem recommend 6 monthly service calls or Planned Preventive Maintenance Calls PPM’s for short.

When Actichem attend a service call we carry out the following :-

  • Squeeze tube change on all pumps
  • Pumps primed
  • Machine run through a test cycle this being on Laundry and Dishwashers
  • Stand pipes checked

We charge an initial call out which includes the first hours labor plus parts if required

Regular servicing prevents

  • Costly leak, keeps breakdown / reactive call outs to a minimum.
  • Ensures results do not suffer
  • Helps build relationships and confidence with the client
  • Ensures your product is still being used through you dosing unit
  • Keeps your sales were they should be

We install and complete servicing on all the major chemical dosing unit manufacturers :-

For more information on our servicing please do not hesitate to contact us

Tel 07825 300266

email : info@actichemltd.co.uk





Brightwell Ecoshot Installation

Today Actichem installed four Brightwell Ecoshot dispensers along with 5lt bottle holders for a new care home.

The benefits of this system are that it will give the desired measured shot, giving the care home instant in house savings on the chemical spend.

Suppliers charts were fitted and basic COSHH awareness training and product training completed. As standard we fill any holes left by old equipment and make good.

If your looking for a installation to be carried out professionally please do not hesitate to contact Actichem.

Tel 07825 300266

email: info@actichemltd.co.uk





Recent Kitchen Installation


Recently Actichem were asked to attend a care home in Herefordshire. The job specification was to fit a duo sanitiser and coloured degreaser via a Brightwell Super C dispenser,  in the small commercial kitchen. We were able to attend within 48 hours of the call, and completed everything to a high professional standard in one visit.

As part of the installation process we ensure that all old equipment is boxed up ready for collection by the previous suppler and all old holes are drilled out and filled. We put up all required charts and signage and carry out basic COSHH awareness and product training with staff.

Some of the benefits with the Brightwell Super C Dispenser system is the time pump delay set to 30 seconds. This prevents the end user doing multiple pumps at once causing over dosing and usage. This helps to keep in-house costs to a minimum.