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Seko DR30 Dosing unit installation

Actichem are pleased to show a recent Seko DR30 installation onto a hotels kitchen industrial dishwasher, these dosing units are reliable and with some very useful programming options.

In this particular instance this Seko DR30 was installed onto an Electrolux dishwasher (please see Electrolux dosing unit blog for wiring diagram).  We programmed the unit onto timed mode giving an initial charge off detergent when the unit is first turned on to delivering a timed dose of detergent and rinse aid every time the DR30 receives its top up signal.

As standard with Actichems dosing unit installations new conduit, wiring and tubing were fitted along with the DR30.

The dosing unit was pumps were primed and the dishwasher was put on several cycles to test for leaks for the detergent fitting and rinse fitting (one way valve).